How it Works


This page is the first page you see when you visit the website. From this page you can navigate to several other parts of the website to avail yourself of other resources as well as other information. Here you also download the application by clicking on the large green button after checking the box indicating that you agree with our ‘End-User License’

Login / Details

This page is where you have to register as a subscriber before you can begin to buy and download books or even use the application to read books. Registration involves minimal details and usually only takes a few minutes

Book Store

After installation, whenever you launch ‘takada’, the book store will be the first page you see. Here you will find the books we have available from different Publishers for download that are for sale and for free. To buy a book, you have to make your payment at the book store within your web browser by clicking on the book in the store, which will take you to the ‘shopping cart’ page where you may click on the ‘add to cart’ button. After completing the payment, you may then proceed to the ‘book store’ within the ‘takada’ application to download the book.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart enables you manage your purchases. You can update, add or even remove books here as you choose. After clicking on the ‘add to cart’ button, a window will pop up which will prompt you to ‘checkout’ thereby leading you to the ‘invoice’ page where you will choose what medium you want to use to make payment.


After clicking on the ‘checkout’ button to purchase a book, an invoice will be generated, and the items in your cart will be indicated on the invoice, and this page will be shown, where you will be given options on how you want to make your payment.


When you choose the medium of payment which is presently using Interswitch debit cards, you will be directed to a GTPAY page. The GTPAY page is a secure page that enables you to confirm the amount you want to pay before you make the actual payment, and on which you click the ‘continue’ button’.


The Interswitch page is where you make the actual payment for the book(s) you purchase by selecting your card type, and then making actual payment. It is also a secure page that enables the safe and secure use of your debit card details as required.

Paid Invoice / Receipt
>This page shows you the details of your immediate purchase including amounts paid etc.

Invoice List

This page shows a list of all the invoices ever generated for your account. On this page you can check the status of all your transaction(s)

Product Detail

This page gives you information about the book including the name of the author, publisher, book price etc. Clicking on the ‘add’ button will enable you to put it in your cart for purchase.