About Us


We are a motley group of enthusiasts who want to enable people in using technology to make their everyday activities get done in more efficient and effective manners. All over the world, the internet is growing, and people keep harnessing it in critical ways to actively affect the way things are done and the way people live. Even disrupting the way things are done. We believe that progress is made by trying to do things better or even different. And we want to do that here.



We intend to do this by making available innovative and environment-relevant products and services. Our team, which comprises intelligent and motivated individuals, are always looking to push the boundary, and asking; how can we do it better? It is also important to us that users enjoy their experience in making use of our products and services, which makes User Experience an integral part of whatever we do.



We want to do this because we think we can. We want to do this to enable people do things better. We want to do this to enable people live richer lives. We live in a world today that demands us to be judicious in the use of resources and we believe that technology can be a major catalyst in enabling the sustainable use of our resources.